Morel mushrooms are delicious, and as it seems, most of us can’t just get enough of the morel mushrooms. But the prices at which they are offered in the market nowadays are rather expensive. Therefore, a more cost-effective alternative would be to harvest them from their natural habitat in the wild.

But this can be an issue for the inexperienced since there’re other toxic mushrooms in the wild. As a result, there is only one legitimate option, for those looking to enjoy cheap and safe morel mushrooms in the comfort of their homes. You need to cultivate the morel mushrooms by yourself in your garden or backyard. So how do you go about it?

Step by step guide on how to grow morel mushroom in your backyard

Purchase the morel mushroom kit

This is the easiest way to grow morel mushrooms in your backyard. In light of the fact that a morel mushroom growing kit would come with spawn seeds and a step by step guide on how to cultivate the mushrooms. If this is your first time growing morel mushrooms, a growing kit is your safest bet.

Save them for autumn or summer

Naturally, morel mushrooms grow around spring. That is why hunters of the mushroom hunt them down during spring. So if you want your morel mushroom to develop like the ones in the wild, you have to plant them at the due season.

Choose the planting site in your backyard

You would need to pick a spot in your backyard where your morel mushrooms would grow. For optimal results, plant them at the base of a tree. This is because morel mushrooms are usually found around the base of a tree in their natural habitat. Also, ensure that you plant them on sandy soil for optimal result.

Use gypsum and Peat moss to make a bed for your spawn seeds

This step is essential because it would boost the growth and size of your mushrooms. What you want to do is to mix gypsum (1 gallon) with peat moss (10 gallons) and spread the mixture evenly on the space you have prepared for the morel mushrooms in your backyard. If you can, get ashes of burnt wood-chips and apply it on your spawn bed.

Plant your spawn seeds

Now is the time to plant the spawn seeds that came with your morel mushroom growing kit. While it is almost impossible to plant the spawn seeds one by one, you should avoid having an abundance of spawn seeds in an area. This would undermine the growth of your morel mushrooms. As an alternative, guide your hand to distribute the spawn seeds across the bed evenly.

Finish the cultivation process with hardwood-chips.

By using hardwood chips on your spawn bed, you feign a natural environment for your morel mushrooms. Thereby giving them more reason to germinate. You can get your hardwood chips online.

Give your them time to sprout

If you have made it to this point, you have completed the planting process, and you are about to reap the fruits of your labor – literarily. Although it would take some time – about 2 years give or take.