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Strawberry Seeds 2022 | New Red Giant Climbing Strawberry Plant


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Strawberries are one of the most idyllic summer treats. It doesn't get much better than having access to big juicy strawberries all summer long - and climbing strawberry plants and a hint of extra charm to your garden scape.

Strawberries are highly nutritious as they are able to protect against disease and are packed with vitamins, fiber and high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols. They also are a delicious and must have ingredient for several refreshing spring and summer recipes.

How to Grow

  1. Cold stratify seeds by putting in a cold place like the freezer (not a deep freezer) this mimics the chilling effects winter would have on the seed
  2. Sow the seeds thinly into moist seed starting trays and barely cover with soil mix
  3. Keep in a bright sunny area or under grow lights allow 1- 6 weeks for germination and keep soil damp
  4. Once strawberries grow three true full leaves you can transplant to a larger pot and begin hardening off which means gently exposing the plant to the outdoor elements
  5. Once all warning off frost has passed you will be able to transplant outdoors into your garden bed in a sunny area
  6. A mixture of compost and mulch for your garden bed is preferred
  7. Climbing strawberries will need to be planted alongside a trellis or something for it to climb up - you can also try planting in hanging baskets
  8. First true harvest won't come until the second year so it is recommended to pick new flowers off so that the plant can send energy to the roots and leaves to build a strong  and healthy root system for the year to follow


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